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Transfer your Photographs to DVD and Preserve your Memories!

Jimi White Video Production transfers Photos to DVD with Video with Music in Rockford IL, Loves Park IL, Machesney Park IL and surrounding areas in northern Illinois..
For that special person or event in life, Jimi White Productions can transfer your photographs, 35 mm slides, or other media to a music and video DVD for memories that will last a lifetime.
We ask you to provide and number your photos and sort them into different groups. Then choose provide songs for each group of pictures. We can then transfer your photos and add your music to create a beautiful, fluent video production along with transitions between each photo. We can also title the video and each group of photos and add a special message in the video as well.
Our photo transfer videos are very popular for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and life's other special events. Each photo slideshow video is personalized for that special someone and will last a lifetime. These video slideshows are one of the most unique gifts you can give to a loved one. You can also combine live video clips you have shot to accent your special production as well.

There is no limit to the amount of photos you would like for the production. You are the director and we are the producer.
The finished video transfer production comes complete with a printed DVD  and DVD case with a phot and title of the video as well. All photos to video with music are available in Blu-ray DVD or DVD. We can also provide digital files for you as well!


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Beth Read

"My daughter was graduating from high school and I wanted to have a video made using photos of her growing up to play at her graduation party. I chose Jimi White through the yellow pages and contacted him. He did a great job! He put all the photos to music that I had chosen. He included video clips of her from our home movies, and added a few graphics that gave it a nice touch. The finished product was a big hit and really helped to make her party memorable. I would highly recommend Jimi. I didn't give him a whole lot of time to do the project, but he came through for me. I plan on using him again in the future."Beth Read Rockford, ILHigh School Graduation Photos to Video Production

David and Ann Tenin

"Jim...My family and I want you to know what an absolute wonderful job you did producing the memories tape you made for my wife's 50th birthday. As we sat with 50 or so family members watching the tape every person in the room was just blown away by the tape you made. You captured the essence of the message perfectly. From the production to the special side effects you added,we all found the tape nothing less then amazing in all aspects. Your talent in making this memory tape was eye-popping and jaw dropping. In all aspects of your work I can only describe your work as perfect, if there is such a thing. In the future I will strongly recommend your work to anyone that can your services. It was a pleasure to work with you because you delivered exactly what I wanted. Your talent was inspiring to say the least. Thanks again for the great job . Should I ever need your services again there is no doubt that you deliver what you promise. As a professional person myself it was truly a

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Richard D. Burkett

"Perfect! Some people "do videos, " what Jimi White did for my son's wedding was a professional video PRODUCTION. He took my photos and made them an entertaining work of art. I mean that. I gave him little with which to work and it was if he knew my son and his fiancé'. His added touches for the title page and nuances like the falling snow on their trip to Aspen with some college friends took what could have been a nice slide show to a great emotion-laden memory for a lifetime. What I wish Jimi could have seen were the smiling faces of our family and friends, who came from all over the states to the wedding! With the unique touches of well-placed music with well-timed fade-outs and the entire contents packaged with my son's picture with his fiancé' on the cover, I was more than pleased. I was thrilled."  Richard D. Burkett Proud father and father-in-law! Rockford, Illinois

Cheryl Howell

Jimi, Thank you doesn't describe the enormous gratitude that I have for the phenominal talent / work that you created in the DVD of my Dad! It was like you knew him! You accentuated the most powerful tributes of my Dad with the video clips you used. You not only did him proud, our whole family was proud. It was almost life-like, he was real again!God Bless you Jimi, Your work touched a lot of lives.......Cheryl Howell  Tolon, IL

Cindy Mershon

Jimi, I am not sure if I can put into words the emotion we experienced watching the DVD you produced of my late father, from the song" kiss an angel good morning"you chose with the photos of my mom and dad together, to the actual live footage of him from the vhs tapes we provided, which was truly a shock! We were stunned when that segment came on and not knowing what to expect, we were in full blown tears! I just can't describe how wonderful of a job you did. It's something we are all going to cherish forever and I have to say you definitely brought out his personality in that live segment... he was always doing funny little quirky things that made us all laugh. You absolutely did him proud, Jimi. The combination of the photos and the live video was amazing!I can't watch the video when I'm ready to go somewhere, I have to redo my makeup every time I see itYou are awesome!Thank you, Thank you, Thank youCindy MershonMadison, WI

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