Richard D. Burkett

"Perfect! Some people "do videos, " what Jimi White did for my son's wedding was a professional video PRODUCTION. He took my photos and made them an entertaining work of art. I mean that. I gave him little with which to work and it was if he knew my son and his fiancé'. His added touches for the title page and nuances like the falling snow on their trip to Aspen with some college friends took what could have been a nice slide show to a great emotion-laden memory for a lifetime. What I wish Jimi could have seen were the smiling faces of our family and friends, who came from all over the states to the wedding! With the unique touches of well-placed music with well-timed fade-outs and the entire contents packaged with my son's picture with his fiancé' on the cover, I was more than pleased. I was thrilled."
 Richard D. Burkett Proud father and father-in-law! Rockford, Illinois