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 We Produces Local and National Team Sports Highlight Videos

Jimi White Productions specializes in end of the year highlight videos edited with music, titles and special effects for your athlete to enjoy for years to come for local or nationwide clients.

Provide us with video footage you already have from the press box, sideline, or from team parents video cameras in the stands. We transform the provided footage into the end of the year highlight videos with titles, animations, transitions between scenes, special effects, music and more. We can also add photos and newspaper clips to the production. We can even personalize each production DVD case with your teams name, photo, or logo. Your team will cherish these sports highlight videos for a lifetime!
We produce team highlight videos for all sports, for all ages, from grade school, middle school, high school to college teams as well. We can send you a link to demo videos we have already produced for you to take a look at and review.

Individual Athlete Sports Highlight Videos

We also produce individual sports highlight videos exclusively for your athlete. Relive each moment of your athlete's season on DVD with special effects, music and more. These higlight videos and sports moments can be relived over and over again by your special athlete.

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Jimi White Productions
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"After having contracted two different, national companies to develop our season highlights video, we turned to Jimi White Video Productions in the fall of 2002. By comparison, Jimi's work has been exceptional. His sideline shots, end zone excerpts, and musical, audio, and video editing are stunning elements of his production. Our kids look forward to seeing him on our sidelines every year because they know that

1) He is a positive, friendly professional, and
2) They will become a part of special video memory that will last them a lifetime.

Hence, we are committed to using Jimi White to develop our annual highlight tape as long as he is able to carry a camera."

Dan Appino
Varsity Football Coach
Boylan Catholic HS

Jimi White Productions
5 Jimi White Productions

Dear Jimi,
The highlight video you produced for my 2008-2009 Varsity/ Midget Major Rockford Icemen season was beyond amazing! I would recommend Jimi White Productions to anyone who wants to get a quality highlight film professionally produced. Jimi was easy and a lot of fun to work with. Not only that but the way he made the music flow with my hits, goals, and assists was simply outstanding. I also liked how during a big hit or goal he would either use slow motion, replay it numerous times, or even go as far as in adding special effects. For example, when I hit a player against the boards he made it look like I shattered the glass on the T.V. screen which was extremely surprising in a great way. Once again thanks a lot Jimi! I can't even begin to describe how great your work was and how much I enjoyed my highlight video that you produced for me after my Dad filmed most of season. Thanks again!!!

Brandon Janczak from the Varsity Rockford Icemen 13x Illinois State Champions

Jimi White Productions
5 Jimi White Productions "For more than a decade Jimi White Productions have done an amazing production for the Boylan Boy's Basketball Team. The season synopsis on video has been a keepsake that is highly treasured by coaches, players, player's families, and the entire Boylan community. Jimi's videos have been first class. Now, with the advent of the DVD, Jimi White Productionshave reached a new level in excellence!!!"
Steve Goers / Varsity Basketball Coach / Boylan Catholic High School Rockford, Illinois
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