Sports Recruiting Videos

Jimi White Productions has been designing and producing college recruiting videos since 1985.

Jimi White Video Productions has over twenty five years of experience in producing professional college recruiting videos with over a 95% success rate of our high school athlete clients being awarded D1 and D2 scholarships and monetary awards.

We also have over a 95% success rate of our high school athlete clients furthuring thier careers playing D3 college sports as well.

With our experience, we guarantee that our college recruiting videos will keep the college coaches engaged and interested in your video, from start to finish!

What separates us from your "local" video production company?

As a professional college recruiting video production company, we provide timely, professional video projects. When working with our clients we keep in communication throughout the entire process. Not only do we stay in touch during the process but we also stay in touch after we have provided you with the video. We care about the athletes achieving their dreams so this isn't just about money for us, this is about helping athletes get into college.

Sports Recruiting Videos Facts

With experience, comes knowledge. With so many years in the sports recruiting videos industry, we have learned many things. Information such as the fact that a majority of college coaches won't even speak to an athlete unless they see a professionally produced, high quality recruiting video. These coaches in many cases get many videos, we help your athlete stand apart with our videos.