Blu-Ray BD-R Discs Disclaimer

For all of our HD video productions delivered to our customers via a "Blu-ray Disc":

Please note that a [burned] HD BD-R disc is technically not a Blu-Ray disc, and no video disc players are actually required or guaranteed to play them. Unfortunately with Blu-ray BD-R discs, you are not guaranteed 100% playback compatibility. Sometimes, the firmware in the player can be updated to rectify this, but again, no guarantee that the discs we burn will play for everyone. 

With our experience, newer Blu-Ray disc players have no problem playing our BD-R HD videos. We have had some difficulties with older Blu-ray Players, Sony PlayStation and X Box playing our HD BD-R Discs.

We provide a update service where will will actually provide you with a newer Blu-ray disc player that has been tested and guaranteed to play our burned HD discs. We provide the Blu-ray player, HDMI cable, and come on-site to connect the new Blu-ray player to your HD TV. There is a one-time charge for the new Blu-ray player, HDMI cable and coming out to make the connections, but many of our satisfied customers have decided to utilize this one-time service.

"Only replicated (pressed) discs (Hollywood movies) can be guaranteed compliant - and even then, some players will not play all discs."

Add this upgrade service to your video package today, sit back, enjoy your refreshments, popcorn and your HD video and leave the installation to us!