Meet The Producer

Jimi White watched his grandfather, Joe Spinello, record all of the holidays and birthdays with his old school 8mm film camera since he was old enough to speak. He still remembers, to this day, the bright and very hot, film camera light which his grandfather used.

He has been behind a video camera ever since the older VHS camcorders appeared in the eightys,  As a teenager, he videotaped family functions, editing the videos on the fly, that very day. He would then have an edited "premiere viewing of the holiday event" for all of his family members to see that same day, complete with editing effects and humorous cuts.

He went downstate to a state basketball championship in early 1990 and filmed the basketball team's games. He then put together a highlight video for that same team and offered his services to the high school. From that day, Jimi White has been providing video production services, video editing, videography and more, to individuals, teams, companies, and orginizations, moving from VHS to HD DVD formats. He offers the most comprehensive list of video production services available from any one company, and has experience and skill in every one of them.

Jimi White is happily married to his wife Nancy, and has two children, Jimmy and Bianca. His own home video collection is mind boggling having recorded both of his children being born, growing up, playing sports, dancing on the dance team, winning a state championship in high school football and more. He is an awesome father and prides himself in working with young adults on video projects emphasizing the same patience, understanding, thoroughness and communication, as he has with his own children.

He has coached both of his children for numerous years, on numerous teams and sports. He also owns and runs three additional successful businesses so he knows what is takes to be successful. Jimi White loves the outdoors, muskie fishing, warm temperatures, his wife and children and his Ranger Boat (lol)! 

When you work with our producer, your experience will be professional, friendly, thorough and unlike any other. Call him anytime and experience Jimi White, our producer. It was a pleasure to meet you!
Cheryl Howell

Jimi, Thank you doesn't describe the enormous gratitude that I have for the phenominal talent / work that you created in the DVD of my Dad! It was like you knew him! You accentuated the most powerful tributes of my Dad with the video clips you used. You not only did him proud, our whole family was proud. It was almost life-like, he was real again!God Bless you Jimi, Your work touched a lot of lives.......Cheryl Howell  Tolon, IL

David Stern

"For the past two years, Jimi White Productions has done an entertaining video for our staff Christmas Party. Jimi is easy to work with, has great visions and ideas and always goes the extra mile for us. He is extremely well at working under pressure. We look forward to working with him again."David Stern, MD, Physicians Immediate Care and CEO, Practice | www.practicevelocity.comAnnual Corporate Holiday Party Production