Cindy Mershon

Jimi, I am not sure if I can put into words the emotion we experienced watching the DVD you produced of my late father, from the song" kiss an angel good morning"you chose with the photos of my mom and dad together, to the actual live footage of him from the vhs tapes we provided, which was truly a shock! We were stunned when that segment came on and not knowing what to expect, we were in full blown tears! I just can't describe how wonderful of a job you did. It's something we are all going to cherish forever and I have to say you definitely brought out his personality in that live segment... he was always doing funny little quirky things that made us all laugh. You absolutely did him proud, Jimi. The combination of the photos and the live video was amazing!

I can't watch the video when I'm ready to go somewhere, I have to redo my makeup every time I see it

You are awesome!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Cindy Mershon
Madison, WI