Brandon Janczak

Jimi White Productions
Brandon Janczak

Dear Jimi,
The highlight video you produced for my 2008-2009 Varsity/ Midget Major Rockford Icemen season was beyond amazing! I would recommend Jimi White Productions to anyone who wants to get a quality highlight film professionally produced. Jimi was easy and a lot of fun to work with. Not only that but the way he made the music flow with my hits, goals, and assists was simply outstanding. I also liked how during a big hit or goal he would either use slow motion, replay it numerous times, or even go as far as in adding special effects. For example, when I hit a player against the boards he made it look like I shattered the glass on the T.V. screen which was extremely surprising in a great way. Once again thanks a lot Jimi! I can't even begin to describe how great your work was and how much I enjoyed my highlight video that you produced for me after my Dad filmed most of season. Thanks again!!!

Brandon Janczak from the Varsity Rockford Icemen 13x Illinois State Champions