Ron Ewald

A few weeks ago, one month prior to his senior year in high school, my son committed to a full-ride Division 1 scholarship to Indiana, a Big Ten football program, a fantastic academic school, a beautiful campus and an athletic environment with facilities ranked among the top in the country ... and he did this with a variety of other College offers to consider.

We were NOT on Indiana's radar before May; however, in researching rosters and such, it appeared that Indiana would be in the hunt for a Kicker in the 2009 Class. I decided to take the initiative and send a Highlight DVD. As it found its way into the right hands, there was a sudden flurry of attention. They loved the DVD ... invited us to their summer camp for a workout and the rest is ... well, a Division 1 scholarship and a college education with four years of Saturday excitement!

This wasn't the only time, through the course of recruiting this past few months, that we heard the comment "We love your DVD". All the 'experts' say, "Don't make a big deal of your highlight tape, just get some film together and send it out ... the coaches just want to see the action". Well, I DON'T BUY IT!!

The Highlight DVD you designed and created, from the personalized cover case, custom DVD label through the expert Menu Authoring feature was a distinguished and easy-to-use professional product that coaches were thrilled to evaluate. Coaches in the Big Ten, Big Twelve, PAC 10, SEC, etc. They prefer a product that they can easily capture player information and navigate through and around ... for themselves and to show other coaches. Your product is a genius piece of work!

Your prospective customers should know how considerate you are in working with them in the development of their Highlight DVD. I may have been more detail-oriented than most, but you were patient and focused on the things that I felt were important, yet firm on the aspects of your expertise. Working together, we combined efforts toward a winning product.

Jimi, I was a parent lost in the realm of this whole recruiting world and it all begins with having a product to send out to coaches. I fuddled around for weeks trying to do it myself. Then I found a different local resource that made a valiant attempt, but that Production Company fell short of what I wanted. Finding you was a blessing! Parents of any prospective collegiate athlete needs to know who JIMI WHITE is and what he can do to optimize the exposure to their child's skills.

Thank you very much,
Ron Ewald
Aurora, IL
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