Kelly Gervasi Orinda CA

January 7, 2011
Jimi White Productions

Dear Jimi,

Approximately one year ago I called you to help me create an explosive video for my son who wanted to pursue a football career in college. You kindly asked me to provide you with a couple of clips and information about my son and you would start immediately. I explained to you that I may not have enough film but would get you more footage over the course of the season.

If I am correct, within a week's timeframe, I came back to you in tears, explaining to you that my son is only 4 games into the season and he had broken his navicular bone in his ankle and is not only out for the season; he needed surgery and his opportunities to play again may not look so bright. We wanted to continue to move forward regardless and what could you do to help us. The way you embraced my son's project, I would have thought you have known him a lifetime, yet I found you on the internet.

I truly want to thank you for your professionalism, your work ethics, your tenacity, your creative style and your kindness in working with me to produce such an outstanding video. I whole heartedly believe that your creation was a large part with my son getting noticed and having the coaching staff at University of Arkansas, (Division 1, Razorbacks) interested in Raymond this year.

Many people can create a video. You provided me with a level of service that many people just can't adhere to. You listened to what was important to me, you gave me ideas and you set the right tone. You met every deadline, you tweaked the video each time I asked, you changed up the music and created effects that really made a difference in getting attention to the right coaches. You never said "I can't do this." You always said, "How about this…" "How does this look…" "What if we try it this way.."

You were worth every cent! I couldn't have had the outcome we had without you. I want you to know that my son has had the most amazing freshman year so far. He is redshirting for the Arkansas Razorbacks. They have made an investment in my son and you can have great pride knowing that you helped with this experience. I believe this year is the first time the Razorbacks have ever been invited to a BCS Bowl. It has been a great experience for my son and he is working hard to live up to the standards a Division 1 team has in store. He has a bright future ahead of him academically and athletically. They are providing everything for Raymond to be successful. I think it is important to thank the people along the way that helped him in his journey.

Thank you!
Please feel free to use Raymond as a reference.
All my best,
Kelly Gervasi
Orinda, CA
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