After My College Recruiting Video Is Produced, Why Do Check Back With Me?

Jim White Productions doesn't just produce your college recruiting video and then forget about you. From time to time, we check back in with our clients and see how their recruiting videos has helped them in their pursuit of getting an athletic college scholarship and what their recruiting status is.

That's because our number one goal is to help high school athletes achieve their dreams of playing sports at the college level. That's our number one priority. We are different because we care about the athlete's recruiting progress after the video is produced and the results of our efforts, not just making money. Our passion for what we do is what makes us so successful and unique.

Here is an update from a recent client:
Andrew, how are things going with the recruiting process? I was just checking in with you.
Jimi White Productions
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Jimi, things are going pretty well. I've gotten some letters and coaches interested by sending out my college recruiting video. They all love my recruiting highlight reel so I can't thank you enough. I'm going to be very busy this summer with these college camp combines that the coaches are inviting me to. I also got premiered on a football recruiting website for Maryland and on rivals ( If you go to recent stories you'll see a story about Andrew Brickey. I will keep you updated on everything. Again, thank you very much.

Andrew Brickey

Berlin, Maryland
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