Parents: Why use Jimi White Video Productions instead of making your own College Recruiting Video?

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Thousands of college coaches receive videos everyday from parents of high school athletes. Your high school athlete's abilities and your college recruiting video must both stand out from the get go or the chances of a college coach reviewing your video is very slim.

With our experience, we guarantee that our college recruiting videos will keep the college coaches engaged and connected to your video, from start to finish!

We produce a professional, polished, short, but effective college recruiting video production showcasing the proper fundamentals, skills, and talents of your high school athlete using high quality game footage, graphics, impressive sports animations (just like the major networks), statistics, strengths as well as scholastic and athletic achievements. The combination of the these attributes shows the college coaches the commitment on your end to showcase your high school athlete's abilities.

We have invested tens of thousands of dollars in numerous computer editing equipment, software, graphics, royalty free music libraries and animation packages to produce our college recruiting videos. The price of the software and equipment, learning curve of these software packages and the initial investment you would need to produce a high quality video is another good reason to hand over your college recruiting video project to us.