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Jimi White Productions provides on-site local coverage of school plays, from preschool to high school levels. We realize the amount of hard work and effort that goes into each school play, from costumes, to stage sets, to rehearsals, to the actual performance. We can preserve the hard-work and dedication of each cast member that can be treasured for years to come. We provide crisp, clear, high resolution DVDs of the entire play for the school, cast members, and parents. Sit back and enjoy the entire performance. Each production includes a DVD cover with the play program artwork, introduction titles and animations, the entire performance, and even credits at the end.

Boylan High School, Keith Country Day School, St, Peter's School, and Holy Family School are just a few of the schools that use Jimi White Productions annually for their school plays.

"We were very fortunate to find Jimi White Productions and hire him to videotape all of our musical plays in the Lower School this year. We don't have microphones set up in our Lower School gym and the lighting isn't the best but Jimi has managed to magnificently capture the students at these wonderful performances. He doesn't bother other parents while doing his job and has the DVDs available within days! The high quality of the DVDs are wonderful memories for our parents and students. Since we are such a small school, he can't be making much from the couple of dozen DVDs he sells each time, but he prides himself in his work and we are the ones who benefit! He has been dependable and great to work with! Thanks so much, Jimi, for making time for our student plays here at Keith School.

Mrs. Marti Schofield
Keith Country Day School
Rockford, IL"

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