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Jimi White Video Productions can transfer photographs; Old 8mm film reels, Mini-DV, Super 8mm, or VHS to DVD. These types of media have a short life expectancy. By transferring your special moments to DVD, you are preserving history forever. All transfers include music overlay, one beginning title, and one DVD final production.
DVD's will hold either one or two hours of footage. We recommend transferring one hour of footage per DVD though to preserve picture quality.
When transferring 8mm films, we use a specially designed film transferring device for super high quality transfers of both regular 8mm and super 8mm film to NTSC video at a real time speed of 15fps.

We don't just shoot the projector screen with a camcorder like most companies. We use a projector that projects the complete film image onto a mirrored condensor lense. Then we capture directly from the mirror to our high resolution 3 CCD cameras for no quality loss.

Our transfers play more smoothly and almost flicker free; something not possible at 16fps due to conflicts in scan rates and blade configurations. And unlike typical projectors or other 1CCD telecine units that crop the image and shoot off the softer, base side of the film, our transferring equipment and high quality 3 CCD camera to image off the sharper, emulsion side of the film via a precision, jumbo 5 inch condenser lens. The enlarged gate allows access to 100% of the film frame and your resolution is limited only by the quality of the camera that you use. The sprocketless drive protects your film from the potential damage typically found on other sprocket driven projectors and transfer devices. The end result is a flicker free image that is sharp corner to corner with no hot spot.

Offering a clarity once reserved for only the finest professional transfer houses, Jimi White Productions is the number one choice, worldwide, for old 8 mm and Super 8 mm film transfers. All films are transferred in-house.

Please contact to discuss your 8mm film project and we can provide you with a proposal.

You can measure you old 8mm film reels and determine how footage you have by using the following measurements.
Measure across the reel from one side to the other

3" 8mm film reels = 50 feet
5" 8mm film reels = 200 feet
7" 8mm film reels = 400 feet
We recommend transfering one hour of film for each DVD to maintain quality. Call us for transfer pricing and more details
I had 4 large reels of 8 millimeter film shot 50 years ago. There were many memories of my sister and I growing up along with grandparents who have long since passed away. I could see that the film itself would not last much longer and was fading with age. It was important to my wife and I to preserve the historical footage for our children and there families.

I took a chance and called Jimi White. He was very personable and understood the importance of preserving these family memories. He accommodated my timelines and arranged to meet with me. He assured me that my film would be handled with care and he could transfer the film to DVDs at a cost that was reasonable. I am very pleased with the high quality of his work and his fast response to completion of the task. I can without reservation, recommend Mr. Jimi White to anyone who has media challenges of any kind.
David J. Rossi
Rockford, IL
"Thank you for the great work you did transfering my super 8 mm's to dvd's. The picture and audio quality is superb. The added background music gave it such a nice touch. My family and I will surely enjoy these memories for years to come The fact that everything was done locally versus being shipped out of town for the service was the nicest part, I knew that my films wouldn't be lost or damaged in shipping and it would all come back in one piece."

Jerry Erxleben
Rockford, IL.
When I called you about making a DVD from an old 1947 8mm film of my sister and brother-in-law's wedding, I honestly didn't know what to expect, mainly because I didn't know what condition the film was in and how the transfer process would go. You have no idea how pleased I am with the finished product. The transfer was of the highest quality and your choice of Perry Como for the background music couldn't have been better. I must admit, when I watched it I became very emotional because it brought back so many wonderful memories. I cannot thank you enough for a job well done and in such a timely manner. I would recommend your services to anyone looking to transfer old 8 mm films.

Hugh Arnoldi
Rockford, IL
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