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Jimi White Video Productions create beautiful wedding videos. We shoot each wedding with (2) professional broadcast cameras. We can mike the bride or groom so you can hear every word spoken between the two at the wedding service. Preserve your special day, at the church, and the reception. Provide us childhood photos of the bride and groom to add history to the wedding video. Each video production contains stunning wedding graphics, and titling along with crystal clear high-resolution video of the special day. The finished production is packaged with a case featuring a picture of the couple and title of the video. This makes a great gift from the bride and groom as well. All productions are available in VHS or DVD format.

We always try to shoot weddings with the attention to the finest detail, from outside the church, to the wedding decorations, to the actual wedding and reception itself, providing a touch of creativity to every moment we capture. These little things make our production very special.

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"Jimi White Photography was the best decision we made on our wedding day. During our ceremony, Jimi used the latest technology to cover every angle and sound of our celebration." More Testimonials
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