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Jimi White Video Productions has been producing broadcast quality video productions for the past twenty years. Jimi White Video Productions uses (2) professional broadcast Sony cameras to ensure the highest quality video possible. We also edit using a non-linear, Window XP computer editing system and software. There is no picture quality loss in our editing methods.

We offer competitive pricing and will often match our competitors pricing if presented to us and if it is reasonable. We put our heart and creativity into every production. We treat every project with the same enthusiasm and dedication, no matter what size the project may be. And we guarantee youíll be satisfied with the finished product!

We always consider video production a form of art and our video production services to be the most creative and versatile video production studio in the northern Illinois area. Each production is created and customized according to our customerís needs.

We always make certain that our initial pre-production discussion is very thorough and precise so that the final production is exactly what our customer originally had in mind. In order to accomplish this, we always communicate with our customer throughout the entire production process, and always give our customer the final decision. Itís your video production, and we work with you to obtain the desired outcome! We also deliver your video on time, every time.

We also provide on site video services for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirement parties, dance recitals, school plays, sporting events, and other special events. All productions are available in VHS or DVD format.

Contact Jimi White for further information and pricing.

We look forward to working with you and producing your video.

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